A merchant's gateway to global marketplaces.


Saleboxie helps you sell your e-shop products on the global market.


Saleboxie connects to your e-shop using the Saleboxie Store Addon and allows you to specify the details and batch list your products on global marketplaces.


Easily switch between different e-shops, automate repetitive tasks and batch list your products.


Saleboxie provides your with all needed details for attractive product listings avoiding the bloat.


Saleboxie is designed to be e-shop & marketplace agnostic. We are always working on supporting more platforms.

Carefully Designed Workflow

Saleboxie is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to help your business grow.

Automatic Detail Resolution

Saleboxie saves you time by automatically creating listings based on your product details in your store's database.

Shipping Control

Choose the locations to ship your products to and carefully fine-tune your shipping services and any associated delivery costs.


Profiles enable you to specify commonly used details in advance and load them on demand or automatically.


Preconfigure Saleboxie to automatically apply eBay categories and profiles you have created.

Currency Handling

Saleboxie will automatically take into account the currency exchange rates according to your selected eBay site.

Listing Management

You may revise, end or relist your listings by using the built-in Listing Management features.

Stock Level Synchronization

Synchronize the stock of your products between eBay and your store according to any stock updates or sales encountered.

Unlimited Stores

Saleboxie supports an unlimited number of stores letting you easily switch between them and export their products.

E-Shop Support

Support for CS-Cart 2.x - 4.x (no variations) and WooCommerce 2.x ecommerce platforms.


Saleboxie currently supports Australia, Canada, France, German, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US eBay sites.


We care about your needs. We need to know your opinion. Contact us for help or any kind of feedback.

  • Which operating systems does Saleboxie support?

    Saleboxie supports Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7/8/8.1/10

  • Which eCommerce platforms does Saleboxie currently support?

    Saleboxie currently supports CS-Cart 2.x, 3.x, 4.x (no variations) and WooCommerce 2.x.

  • Is Saleboxie able to synchronize my stock level between eBay and my online store?

    Yes. You only need to run a Sync operation as described in the software's user manual.

  • I need Saleboxie for a different ecommerce platform.

    We are working on adding more ecommerce platforms. Keep an eye on our social media channels for any platforms we are currently working on. If you want to propose for a different platform, you may contact us.

  • What eBay sites does Saleboxie support?

    There is support for Australia, Canada, France, German, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US eBay sites.

  • Is Saleboxie really free?

    Yes! Saleboxie allows you to create up to 30 product listings for free using the full functionality it provides.

  • Do you provide installation instructions?

    Saleboxie is desktop application designed for Windows operating systems. You should install it without any trouble by running the downloadable installer.

  • How Saleboxie is able to connect to my store. Do I need additional software?

    You need Saleboxie Store Addon which is bundled with the downloadable installation package. You need to install the correct version of the addon for your ecommerce platform by using the standard addon installation procedure of your platform. You will find more details in the User Manual. Optionally you may have us install the addon for you for a small fee.

  • Do you have a demo available?

    Saleboxie allows you to use all its features for free. The best demo is downloading and using the software for your own business. If you need help setting up the software for your store, please fill in a ticket in our Help Desk.

  • How am I able to get support for Saleboxie?

    We provide support via our Help Desk.

  • I have found a bug. How am I able to report it and when will this be resolved?

    You should report any bugs found by filling a ticket in our Help Desk. Most probably the bug will get fixed in the next planned version of the software. If the bug is a serious and annoying one, we will issue an emergency update as soon as possible.

  • How often do you release new versions?

    There isn’t a fixed timeframe for each new version. We realize a new version when we feel that is ready enough to roll out and after having taken into account our users’ requests and comments.

  • My question is not here. How I should contact you for more questions?

    You may contact us using the contact form, our social network profiles or by filling a ticket in our Help Desk.

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